Refund Policy and Account Cancellation

How to cancel your account

You can cancel your account at any time. There are multiple way to terminate your membership:
- Sign in to your account, go to the My Account page, and click cancel my account. You will receive a confirmation email that your account has been cancelled, if you don’t receive this withing 48 hours of your request please contact our customer care team. - You can contact us via phone, email or our live chat to speak directly to an agent. Live chat operational hours 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.
Once you have received the confirmation email that you are account is now closed, you won’t be charged again unless you restart your account. If you cancel with time left in your billing period, you can still use your account until the account cancels automatically at the end of the billing period.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy specifies that refunds are typically applicable for payments made within the past 180 days. However, we review each case individually and may offer either a full or partial refund based on the circumstances. For cancellations made within 14 days of purchasing the service, we provide a full refund as a standard practice. We value open communication and are more than willing to discuss any refund requests in order to find a mutually satisfactory resolution. Once an agreement is reached, our dedicated team will process the refund within 5 business days. Generally, refunds are returned to the original payment method unless alternative arrangements have been mutually agreed upon with the customer. Our goal is to ensure a positive and fair experience for all parties involved.